How to Enroll

Embark on a Journey of Excellence and Growth

Your child’s path to a world-class education begins here. The enrollment process at Tertulia Online Academy is designed to be efficient and straightforward. Following the steps outlined below, you can secure a place for your child in our vibrant and innovative learning community

 Step 1

Speak with an Academic Advisor
Our Academic Advisors are here to guide you through the application process, answer your questions, and ensure Tertulia is the right fit for your child. They will explain our school’s ethos, learning approach, curriculum, and community.

 Step 2

Complete the Enrollment Form
Please complete the enrollment form online, providing us with the necessary details about your child. This step is crucial for better understanding your child’s needs, academic background, and aspirations.

Step 3

Formal Admissions Decision
Once we’ve reviewed your application, we’ll decide formally. We carefully consider each application, assessing whether we can provide an environment where your child will thrive.

 Step 4

Student Onboarding
Accepted students will undergo a thorough onboarding process, where they’ll learn more about our school, understand how our online platform works, and get acquainted with our community.

Step 5

First Day of Classes
Let the learning begin! From day one, your child will immerse themselves in stimulating classes, connect with their peers, and start their journey of discovery and growth.

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